OK, so today I was complaining about a pain I get in my right glute when doing any sort of riding that requires a power output of more than 220 watts, mainly in the aero position.  After I filed my complaint my friend said “is that the same problem you were having before Boise?”  Hmmm, yes, now when I think about it, it has been that long.  Five months I have had this problem, maybe it should be something of concern.

It is a deep pain/annoyance that starts in the upper glute and stretches down in to the upper hamstring.  I feel when climbing, doing intervals, or racing in the aero position.  It will bother me for a couple days, and then subsides, until I repaeat one of the above.  I stretch, I have had it worked on by my LMT, I religoulsy use my foam roller to try and work it out, but it keeps coming back.

It is a great annoyance, but has been tollerable so far, and it does not affect my running.  However, I am starting to get a bit worried as 112 miles at 230+ watts in the aero position may be a different story.


Aside from that, I enjoyed a  light week of training last week, and am picking it up again pretty good this week and even more next week.  Only 8 and ahalf weeks to go.