First thing first, the  Ironman World Championships in Hawaii were this last weekend, and it was a great race as always.  Great job to all the competitors who toed the line in this race which was reported to have possibly the the 2nd worse conditions the race has had in its 30 years.  5 Ironheads raced, and raced well.  Kelly Hovlund, Kelly McKean, Linnea Alvord, Ann Ciaverella (6th AG!!) and Dave Ciaverella, his report is a must read.  Jason Lester also raced very well and won his division, in his prep for Ultraman World Championships, if you do not know Jason’s story, I implore you to check it out , very inspiring to say the least.

I also want to say Congratulations to Kathleen Calkins who absolutely hammered it, and despite getting a flat at mile 38 went a BLAZING 9:55.52 good for 2nd overall amateur woman and an age group win (30-34). 

Spending the majority of the day on Saturday watching the web coverage of Kona is a good way to re-motivate yourself for a late season Ironman, IMAZ, which happens to be one of only two  08 races in North America that are qualifiers for the 2009 World Championships.  Not that I am getting unmotivated, but it has been a long season for me, and with the weather Turning to crap, which also means more work for me, it is definitely getting harder to hop on the bike, head to the pool, or slip on the running shoes.

I am in the meat of my training right now, and am certainly in the best shape of my life, both strength wise and endurance wise.  My run has been a very pleasant surprise as of late.  Putting in 50+ miles a week has given a very noticeable result to my speed and endurance.  Like I said, six weeks to go with probably 4 good hard weeks, all I have to do is stay focused and stay healthy.