I have just battled through the hardest four week stretch I have had in my short triathlon career and I survived and have come out of it feeling pretty confidant that I should be able to finish an Ironman.  I am not going to lie there were times, especially in the last couple weeks that I wanted to quit, go home curl up on the couch and screw this Ironman crap.  I think this falls in the category of mental training, I have been tested with injury, cold weather, rain, high winds, fatigue, and pure boredom, and still managed to keep myself out there and get stronger and faster.  I have gone from feeling invincible to feeling like a piece of crap and back.  And today I got one of the best emails from my coach I could have asked for.  The subject line read “IM READY”.  While deep down I knew I was Ironman ready, hearing that from my coach made me feel really really good.  The email went on to say that I get some rest this week!!!! Volume dropping from 20 hours to 12 with, get this, a combined four hours of training over the weekend!!!!!  To put that in perspective, I have been doing about 7.5 hours on Saturdays alone.

So while I still am quite aware that I have no idea of how hard that day will be on November 23rd, I am quite confident that I will persevere!