It has been quite some time since I have posted here, mainly because I have not had a whole lot to write about, and because Face book is so darn convenient as an outlet.

So where to start? After IMAZ, I felt pretty good, and despite plenty of warnings to just rest, I decided I was going to continue to train, just not on a structured plan. Well that lasted about 2 weeks when I realized my body was just fried, and all I was doing was making it worse. So I then did nothing for 6 weeks. Well I should not say nothing, because I did gain 12 pounds, so clearly something was happening.

The second week in January, I slowly started getting back into a training program. Last year I feel I jumped back into it to heavy to fast and came down with pneumonia in early February, so this was weighing on my mind pretty heavy. So I eased back in, which is not an easy thing to do as a triathlete that has taken 6 weeks off. I have been very pleased with my progress in training thus far, and am clearly much stronger now than I was a year ago at this period. I raced the Jack Frost Time Trial (20k, 12.4 miles)) at the end of February and was very happy with the numbers. My time was 28:18, and my average and norm power was 300 watts. Last March my average power for a 30 min TT was 274.

My swim is also coming around. I have reconnected with my old High school swim coach, and he has helped me refine my stroke a bit, and I am noticing gains in the water also, for instance last year a set of 20 50’s on the 45: would have been about a 34 second average, and now I can easily hold sub 30. So I am excited about that too.

My run still is my question mark, but I am being patient with it. CDA is my big race and I have plenty of time to get my run where I want it. Its the last thing that I want to force right now because I always seem to hurt myself when I do.

So that’s where I am at right now as far as the world of Triathlon. I am racing California 70.3 in 3 and a half weeks, and that will give me a clear benchmark of where I am at, and a little more insight of what I can expect from myself this season.

On the family front. AJ is getting big, and is AWESOME! He is taking quite a liking to bikes and is the inspiration for my new “daddy’s bike” paint job. He also sat and watched an entire hour and half of the Solvang TT, and professed that “I really like that man daddy” referring to Lance Armstrong. Oh a boy after my own heart! Elee is doing well and her Tummy is growing by the day as we approach the arrival of our baby girl Brook, due the beginning of may.