Wow, it has been a long time since I have updated my blog. I have been very busy and have had alot going on, the biggest of which is my two beautiful children!  AJ is going to be turning 3 in a couple weeks and is getting so big and so smart!  Brook is 6 months old now and already saying Da Da!   Elee is doing very well and has started a new job with Providence and is really liking it, other than it is 5 days a week.  She also did her first half marathon a little over a month ago, and we are all so proud of her!

On the triathlon front; as many of you know I decided after missing Kona by 86 seconds at IMCDA, that I was going to race IMAZ to give it one more shot this year.  I had a long recovery from CDA, taking pretty much the majority of July off  and easing back into training into August.  I raced the Hulaman half at the end of August and had a great swim and bike but had no legs to run on, finishing 4th.  After that training picked up up a bit and a group of Ironheads went to Spokane to race the Spokane Olympic Triathlon.  This was a pretty fun road trip, lots of funny strories there, and we came out as the Team Champions.   I ended up 6th overall in that race, and my run was starting to come around.  Two weeks later was the Black Diamond Half,  I had a solid race, and finally felt like I was on the mend back to race fitness.  I was a bit too greedy though and went out way too fast on the run thinking I could maintain 6:20 pace and fell off pretty hard at mile 8, my legs were coming aound but still not quite there.  I Finished 3rd overall in this race.

Since then I have been in 100% focus for Arizona, I decided that I had too much invested in both money and time away from my family to not give this race 100%.  This meant in training, diet,  as well as lifestyle.  It has been a huge challenge to maintain focus, it has been a long year and my 3rd straight year of training from January 1st to the end of November.  Training is going very well though, and my sacrifices are paying off.  I have put alot of attention on my run, and am running MUCH better than I ever have.  With 9 days to go, I am very condfidant in my body and my abilities to go get it done on November 22nd.